Admitted to OSU

The real journey now begins

Well, I’ve been waiting for a few months to find out whether I would be admitted or rejected from OSU’s computer science program, and I am happy to say that I have been accepted. Words can’t describe how much of a relief that it is to know that the groundwork that I have been laying is actually leading in the direction that I was hoping for. This is really only just the calm before the storm now, because there are two years of hard work that I have just signed up for, but that is exactly what I am hoping for.

The most commonly used programming language in the program is c++. I very little exposure to c++, but thankfully JavaScript does have C like syntax, so I hope that it will come into place naturally.

The next step is a meeting with a departmental advisor and then it is time to sign up for classes. This should happen this week and it feels like it is all happening very quickly. I suppose though that there aren’t that many classes without prerequisites to choose from and that none of the choices are bad.

I am hopeful and excited and looking to complete my portfolio site before the term begins in January. Good luck to me, and to you. Goodbye.

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