OSU CS-340 Databases Overview

Part Overview of SQL and part web-dev II Oregon State University CS-340 is a class that starts off as an overview of SQL and database design and then by the halfway point the primary focus is on a group project which effectively turns the class into a sequel to CS-290 Web-dev. The class uses MySql and then gives each team a choice of…


OSU CS-361 Software Engineering 1 Overview and Design Documents Portfolio

This is a public release of the set of design documents for a proposed Carbon Footprint tracking application. This is the work of group two from Oregon State University computer science class 361 for the fall semester of 2019. HW4_Implementation_Design_GP2Download System_Architecture_GP2Download Revised_Requirements_and_Paper_Prototypes_GP2Download Requirements_Document_GP2Download


OSU CS-225 Discrete Math Overview

Discrete Math is still math Before starting discrete math I was told that the subject is really more like a logic class and that there is not really much math involved. As it turned out, that was far from the truth. I now know that discreet math is a catch-all math theory class which lays out all of the mathematical underpinnings that will…


OSU CS-161 Programming 1 Overview

Programming 101 CS-161 is the intro to programming course at Oregon State University. This class is where all of the basic building blocks of programming are introduced and practiced. C++ was the language that we used, but the university has said that it will transition to Python for 161, 162, and 261 in the near future, so much of the content of this…


Class in Session

Ready to begin Class has now begun and while I am still a bit nervous, I am comforted but the fact that the syllabi don't have anything on them that I am surprised by. I have only used JavaScript up until now, but JavaScript is C-like in how it looks and other than managing memory with pointers, I feel pretty confident. My first…


Admitted to OSU

The real journey now begins Well, I've been waiting for a few months to find out whether I would be admitted or rejected from OSU's computer science program, and I am happy to say that I have been accepted. Words can't describe how much of a relief that it is to know that the groundwork that I have been laying is actually leading…

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