Portfolio Site together, but one question remains…

Is this all?

I have gotten my portfolio site together and I have 4 small toy projects there, but there is a glaring hole which remains. I need one more full stack project to add some weight to the portfolio.

The problem is that I know the capabilities that the project should show off, but I don’t know what I would like the project to be yet. The project needs to have authorization for the user to log in, and then have the entered information persisted. It needs to have a subject that I am interested in so that I have a sense of the problem domain. It also needs to be a project that I have the technical skills to tackle.

I am planning to use Firebase for the persistence and authorization, because I am on shared hosting which doesn’t support node.js. It is built on a standard LAMP stack and I want to be able to quickly get up and going. I am pretty sure that I can use my current hosting for the web-server for the project and then connect Firebase to the project to make it full stack and dynamic.

Within a week I need to have my idea in hand because I am starting class soon, and will not have the free time to start any side projects then. Wish me luck.

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