Amp Library

Well, I have the final project idea.

So, the final project that I will add to my portfolio site, for now, will be a library for users to sign in and then upload schematics, images, and general useful information about guitar amplifiers.

I was trying to come up with a project idea and was starring at the wall when I decided to get up and play some guitar to clear my mind. A few minutes later it struck me as I was playing my guitar amp, which I have modified very heavily. I was thinking that it would be great if I there was an easy way to pull up an amp schematic and then information about the amp in the same place.

I want to pull up the schematic for a specific amp and think about how it is different to the circuit that I am using right now. It would be great to also have links to audio or video clips of that amp so that the user can connect the circuit to a sound. It would also be great to have images of the circuit board if they exist or at least photos of the amp for easy identification.

I am really excited about this idea and I hope that I can get a working version of it finished in the next month, so that it is finished before I begin class. Time to get to work…

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