Work on my website continues

Metalworker using hammer and anvil

Keep pounding it out

Well, the work on my website is continuing at a feverish pace. It is being built out in React, which needs no introduction at this point, I think. It is the current JavaScript hotness because it gives the user a litany of choices of others tools to mix with it, and it can mix with existing code really well.

My big question is more of a style quandary. I want the site to mix with this blog, and that means that it only makes sense for the main page of the site to be based in white. I have the nagging feeling that white is a bit uninspiring though. I may just not have the whole picture yet, so I will press on with white.

I have a feeling that the offsetting color will be the key to all of this. It must be a more interesting color than we have ever seen before, but I’m afraid that it is just going to some off color shade of blue. Once that scheme is in place, then I believe that the hard work of tying this whole thing together can actually move forward, and then some more real technical work can actually get done.

For the future I hope to write about some technical issues, because I have realized that I have not done any of that here yet. Well… someday soon. Someday soon.

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